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Venture scaling canvas

We all dream of hockey stick growth. But how can you make this dream a reality for your venture? The answer: Hockey stick growth needs to be prepared.

• What are the scalability parameters in your business model?

• What is your timeframe for scale and exponential growth?

• How about the infrastructure and your organizational structure when you scale?

Let's use the venture scaling canvas together and map out ways to scale your venture into international markets.

Go-to-market strategy canvas

When you choose to launch a new product or enter a new market, you need to have a clear strategy that outlines the steps to obtain market adoption and traction: 

What is the beachhead market you should go after? 

What is the size of the market, its growth and the share you expect to obtain?

What does the competitive landscape look like? 

Who are the partners in your go-to-market plans and execution?

Let's map out together the relevant aspects and activities in your go-to-market strategy that will set you up for success.

B2B persona canvas

Understanding your customers and their needs is key. Of course, this does not only apply to a B2C persona, it’s pretty much the same in the B2B context:

What are the attributes of your B2B persona?

What company does he/she work for?

What are the persona's hopes and fears for the company?

What are the key objectives and desires that the persona tries to accomplish for the company?

Let's create your B2B personas that will help you focus on your target audience and prepare you for your next customer interviews.

Pitchmaster canvas

Pitching your startup is like dating. You're either hot - or not. You need to tell a story that creates instant excitement for your venture:

Is your product serving a real need in the market in a unique way?

Is the opportunity large enough to be attractive?

Is your business model pivotable within a reasonable period? 

Is your business model high margin or mass-volume dependent?

Is the revenue composition more one-time or recurring in nature?

Let's design a 10x story that lets you pitch like a pro and maximizes the valuation of your venture.

Problem cycle canvas

Defining the root cause of a problem is key to the success of your venture. You need to listen to your customers and learn from them. 

When does the problem occur? What is triggering the problem?

What customers have the problem?

What is the root cause of the problem?

Can you quantify the impact of the problem?

What alternative solutions currently solve the problem?

What are the disadvantages of the alternative solutions?

Let's walk through the process of defining problems together and map out what really matters to your customers.

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