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and Immersion

Capitol Interactive has developed Tactus XR, a multiplatform tool suite that leverages virtual reality (VR) to efficiently upskill and reskill workers. The platform integrates AI-powered adaptive learning, virtual curriculum delivery, and immersive content creation with one another. The end result is a performance data-generating VR training application that is accessible on any type of VR headset - created quickly, affordably, and with minimal personnel.

Pursuing Pathways for 
Non-Dilutive Funding

ARIAx and Capitol Interactive partner on a variety of pathways and opportunities for non-dilutive funding. We source funding from innovation  organizations within the United States (US) Department of Defense (DoD) such as AFWERX, the innovation arm of the US Air Force, and further organizations and initiatives across the US government innovation ecosystem. 

New Realities through Immersive ExperiencesCustomer Discovery

ARIAx helps Capitol Interactive explore new use cases for VR training simulations. We define business models and sales plays for multiple B2B customers and industry verticals, e.g., in aerospace, mobility, and in the energy realm. We initiate, prepare, and conduct customer conversations and support to move Capitol Interactive from prospecting to dollarized MVPs and paid pilot projects

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