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The Future of Aviation: Enabling the Automation Revolution

Evitado is revolutionizing the future of aviation by automating airside operations. The product solution, an  airport automation SaaS platform, comprises of  algorithms for autonomous movement of assets in order to mitigate the risk of collisions and increase the level of safety and efficiency whilst providing real-time data for optimizing operations. 

Selling to the US Government and into Highly Regulated Industries

ARIAx designed and successfully implemented strategies for Evitado to  enter international dual use markets. Most recently, ARIAx has closed the deal with Luke Air Force Base (AFB) - in the amount of $123,145.00 - for one of Evitado's LiDAR-based collision detection systems to tow F-16 and F-35 aircraft on the ground

Scaling Trajectories: Non-Dilutive, Multi-Million Dollar Funding

ARIAx is helping Evitado source non-dilutive, multi-million dollar funding via  the small business innovation research (SBIR) program from AFWERX and the Department of the Air Force (DAF), respectively. ARIAx has identified and successfully sourced multiple targeted DAF customers and end users who each committed with a signed Memorandum of Understanding. 

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